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Download the resources for patient and health care professional education

Campaign Kit (PDF)

Download and share our 2Million2Many campaign toolkit for everything you need to know about broken bones and osteoporosis. The toolkit also includes materials and resources you can use and share to help spread the word about the 2Million2Many campaign.

Patient Postcard (PDF)

Download and share the 2Million2Many postcard with your patients to help them make the connection between bone breaks and osteoporosis. It encourages everyone over age 50 who breaks a bone to request a bone density test and visit to learn more about osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis Poster (PDF)

Download and print our 2Million2Many office poster to raise awareness for osteoporosis and the significance of broken bones, encouraging patients to learn more and get involved with the 2Million2Many campaign.

Healthcare Professional Fact Sheet  (PDF)

Download our heathcare professional fact sheet for stats and information on the impact of osteoporosis and broken bones and visit to learn more about osteoporosis and get involved with the campaign.

Website Stickers

Post our 2Million2Many campaign button to your website or blog to show your support and spread the word about the 2Million2Many campaign. Simply copy the code next to the corresponding campaign button and paste it into your website.

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